Karate Beginners’ course

Mini Ninjas Karate for primary school children commences Monday 25th July at 5pm.

Recent news from late 2015

As another karate year draws to an end, there is much to celebrate. Fushimi Hanshi and Endo Renshi visited us again in November. Great training seminar in Adelaide with support for students from Matt and Bill’s Shingokan dojos along with others from the “new” Seishikan group.
A number of Seishikan dojos have now closed in Adelaide, I guess in part , due to the split within their organisation. John Hart is now ( as always) aligned with The JKF GoJu Kai and Maseo Tada( Seishikan’s Japanese boss)
Others have gone their separte ways pursuing different directions. Time will tell who has made the correct choices- maybe both have for the better!
The Seiwakai have also had their internal problems and some internationally as well.
We can sit back and watch the dramas unfold knowing that we have a very stable and cohesive group. The relationship between Shingokan Japan and their expanding number of dojos across Southern Japan and our schools in Adelaide( Matt Johnson in Virginnia), Bill Demetzis at Parafield Gardens and Scott Durand( Tananda and Kapunda dojos.) has put us in the box seat in South Australia.
We are now SA’s biggest Go Ju organisation and very happy to be aligned with the Japanese Karate Federation of GoJu Kai.
Already several of us have booked our flights to Tokyo in August 2016 in order to attend the international JKF GoJu Kai seminar and championship. Another trip for our senior group( Geoff, Bill and Matt) is planned for October as we again train in Okayama with Fushimi sensei.
Congratulations to all students who graded on Wed and Saturday( group of 18) and also to Denise Kuhl and Rick laube who gained 4th dan gradings, Suzy Bennett and John Roy- 2nd dan gradings and to Luke Kirk, already a Taekwondo shodan, but now a Shingokan Go Ju shodan as well. These seniors graded in Adelaide at Little Hampton ( Shannon’s dojo) under our panel consisting of Shinji Fushimi sensei 8th dan, Tomoyoshi Endo renshi 6th dan, Geoff Rohde renshi 6th dan, Bill Demertzis shihan 5th dan and Matthew Johnson shihan 4th dan.
Finally , best wishes to John Roy, who transfers to Adelaide( Brighton High) and has plans to open a dojo in Southern Adelaide in the future.

Cornflake Packet Black Belts

It never ceases to amaze me that in this modern age, people can invent a style (of let’s say karate) with no history, no accreditation, minimal standards, a pyramid selling approach, and then honestly believe that their children are actually doing something that is valuable, competitive, recognised and that one day they may need their “art” to save their own lives.

Yet here in Australia, we have people pretending to deliver an “art” form that is not recognised by any government body, has no history nor even faint link to tradition, least of all any link to Karate’s Japanese origins.

Sadly, it appears to be a sign of the times. Parents choosing soft options, opting for “fun” rather than discipline, generous feel good gradings and rewards without the required skill level.

A world of fast food, instant gratification, low or non-existent standards. Wake up and smell the roses!

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