Welcome To Karate

My school is one of many GoJu Ryu schools in Australia, and throughout the world. We are affiliated with the Japanese Karate school known as Shingokan. My Sensei in Japan is Shinji Fushimi, an 8th Dan Blackbelt graded by the GoJu Kai of the All Japan Karate Federation, which has the highest ranking  and most respected system and standards worldwide.

My legally registered business name is GoJu Ryu Mt Gambier, and our club has three Level One Accredited Coaches. GoJu Ryu Karate Mt Gambier is an active member of the Australian Karate Federation, the Japan Karate Federation of GoJu Kai, and we are also associated with National All Styles. What you will be learning is a recognised form of karate with full accreditation of all belts. Black belt gradings are approved by a panel of high grade instructors , over seen by Fushimi hanshi sensei, Endo Renshi, Geoff Rohde Renshi, Bill Demertzis shihan and Matt Johnson shihan. Shingokan Karate in South Australia has over two hundred active menbers and growing.

GoJu Ryu Karate Mt Gambier is now , the only club in Mt Gambier to have a JKF GoJu Kai affiliation.

Geoff Rohde


General Information

Who does Karate?

Anyone from a variety of age, occupations and personalities. Karate participants are a mixed and interesting group of people. Some do it for defence, some for fitness, and some to compete.

What age?

You must be at least school age, but otherwise there are no restrictions. If you are under 18, parental consent is required.

Is a medical exam required?

No, unless you have any doubts about your health. If you are suffering from any ailments, tell your instructor. It won’t stop you from learning Karate, it just provides your instructor with information on your state of health.

Is it a strenuous sport?

Initially no, but as you continue to train your level of fitness will increase and you will find it will become more strenuous at higher skill levels. Men and women can train equally with one another.

Can I get hurt?

As with any sport, accidents do occasionally happen, but under strict supervision of the instructor this is kept to a minimum. We would have less injuries than say, football, netball, or many other common sports.

Is it full contact?

Only controlled techniques are allowed, at a level appropriate to the age and experience of the student. Even schools that claim to be full contact do not allow uncontrolled punching to the face or striking to the groin. Please speak to one of the instructors if you have any questions or concerns about what to expect.

What about belts?

Gradings are held two to three times per year. The belts are white, blue, orange, purple, yellow, green( with 3 stripe variants), brown( with 3 stripe variants) and black. Junior gradings are carried out by the Head Of Style and Chief Instructor, Geoff Rohde, and with the assistance of high grade students who instruct and train with him. Senior instructors include Ricky Laube, Denise Kuhl, Suzy Bennett , Simon Mc Innes and David Hill.

What should I wear?

Initially, wear loose fitting clothes, i.e., shorts or a tracksuit. If you have a second hand Karate suit, this will suffice, but please remove any old badges of other styles. Karate suits are available from the school from $60.00. Students may also wish to purchase a set of mitts and shin pads, which are also available from the club in a range of brands and costs.